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Our colors

Our colors

A unique feature of Krea Deluxe is our color scales. We develop the colors we think are beautiful and they are all made for a specific design in the colors we need for this project. The colors are here to stay, we do not make seasonal colors, which are being phased out and replaced by new ones. We make an effort to create timeless colors, each with its own purpose.

There is one criteria that is more important than anything else when we make and develop colors – The colors cannot contain problematic substances and unnecessary chemistry.

We ourselves have serious allergies very close to our families' everyday lives, and this has made us very aware of the problematic substances that must be avoided in production and dyeing.

This is one of the reasons why we as a company have become GOTS-certified. The small green GOTS logo on our organic cotton and organic merino yarn is also a guarantee that problematic substances that can cause skin irritation and other allergic reactions - are not to be found in our yarn. These are substances such as formaldehyde, nickel and chromium, to name a few.

Our high demands for dyeing have also meant that we have opted out of the possibility of making strong and harsh colors, as the chemistry for this is not accepted in the GOTS program. You will also not be able to find a completely white color with us, as we do not want to use bleach. Therefore, our white color is completely natural off-white in our yarn.

It is incredibly difficult to navigate in, because there is simply no requirement for yarns and other textiles to state exactly what the products contain or how they have been treated. There are just some limit values ​​that you are required by law to adhere to, and which can vary from country to country.

As a GOTS-certified product, the entire value chain of the yarn is checked annually to ensure that the product meets the strict GOTS requirements. Including annual laboratory tests and audits from the GOTS organization.

Fortunately, we are very enthusiastic about douched colors, and our color scale is characterized by a harmonized palette of tone in tone colors. When we add new colors, the sample is always held up against all the other colors, to ensure that they fit together crosswise. It sometimes takes several attempts to bring out the perfect shade, but it is worth all the work for a beautiful and coherent color scale.

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