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Krea Deluxe is based on an uncompromising approach to sustainability.

It is a fundamental value that governs our entire company and has sent us on a very special yarn mission: We want to make it easy for you to choose certified sustainable yarn of the highest quality, which at the same time is produced environmentally and socially responsible throughout the entire product life cycle.

Our yarn mission commits and demands a guarantee. Certifications are the key to this and are thus an important part of our yarn mission. We are very proud that both our yarn and that we as a company are GOTS-certified.

GOTS certificeret

Our GOTS certificate is your guarantee that our organic wool yarn and cotton yarn are produced environmentally and socially responsible.

GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard - is the world's leading standard in organic textile production and sets the strictest requirements for organic production of fibers, animal welfare and ensuring good working conditions.

With the GOTS logo on our yarn labels, you have the security of:
100% organic
100% natural fibers
Made without harmful and unnecessary chemistry
Minimal water consumption
Good working conditions and rights
Child labor is not permitted
Focus on animal welfare
Mulesing is not allowed
FSC-certified and PVC-free packaging
Tracking, inspection and testing of the entire value chain

Krea Deluxe GOTS Licensnubmer: 1117459

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Vi only use

100% natural fibers

We use only 100% organic GOTS-certified fibers for the production of our merino wool and cotton yarn.

Our merino wool comes from South America. The organically certified wool is your guarantee that the wool is also produced with a strong focus on animal welfare. The sheep live in their natural habitat and have large areas to graze on. Interventions such as mulesing are not permitted. The certificate also ensures fair working conditions and settlement for the workers and farmers.

With our Organic wool 1 and 2, we have succeeded in producing a soft and organic wool yarn with minimum pilling, WITHOUT adding unnecessary chemicals such as superwash and other chemicals. The yarn is fantastic for crochet projects, baby and children's knitting as well as ego knitting in all shapes and sizes.

The raw cotton comes from South America, where it is possible to grow organic cotton due to the perfect combination of the warm climate and fertile soil without adding unnecessarily large amounts of water, as the cotton fields are located near springs from the mountains and nearby rivers.

Here it is sown, grown and harvested without chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The natural growth creates longer cotton fibers, and gives an incredibly soft quality yarn.

Our organic wool and cotton are spun, dyed and finished at a small spinning mill in Portugal. The production is also GOTS-certified and ensures sustainable production without the use of unnecessary and harmful chemicals.

GOTS-certified dyeing limits our ability to offer all colors, because the strong colors require chemistry that is not GOTS-certified. We have turned this to our strength, and have created beautiful, douched and matched colors in a unique color scale.

Likewise, we use only RMS-certified * mohair fibers to ensure that the greatest consideration has been given to animal welfare, the environment and the local areas. The mohair fibers come from Africa. The fibers are spun and dyed at a family-owned spinning mill in Italy, where they specialize in spinning the particularly fine fibers that our mohair yarn is made of.

*The RMS Certification: Responsible Mohair Standard

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