Quality and return policy

You should expect a very high quality no matter which of our yarns you work with.
That is why we offer a special quality guarantee on all our yarns.

Return your yarn

If you have one or more skeins left, you are welcome to exchange your yarn for other colors or other yarn types, no matter where or when you bought the yarn.

The exchange can take place in our showroom, through our webshop or when you meet us at trade fairs. However, the yarn must still be an assortment item, and therefore does not apply to discontinued yarn types or discontinued colors.

Knots in our yarn

GOTS certified yarn can only be dyed in small quantities. Therefore, one can statistically expect 1-2 collection knots per. 1½ kg yarn. If you encounter more than one knot in one yarn skein, we offer you a free replacement key. The same applies if you encounter small pieces of excess wool in the skein. If you cannot easily remove the excess wool, we offer you a free replacement skein.

contact us at info@kreadeluxe.com, and we will send you a new skein.


With our new version of Organic wool 1 and 2, we have succeeded in producing a soft and organic wool yarn WITHOUT adding unnecessary chemicals such as superwash and other chemicals.

Our new version is pilling up to 80% less and is fantastic for both crochet projects, baby and children's knitting as well as amazing ego knitting.

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