Our Yarn

We have made a very conscious choice to exclusively produce yarn of the highest quality, which is also ecologically and GOTS certified – or yarn, which is as sustainable and natural as possible to produce.

This choice came from a personal need for yarn without harmful chemicals.  We both have children with severe allergies, who do not tolerate contact with materials that contain many of the chemicals that we find in the conventional yarn and textile production. 

Everyone can use the yarn that we produce and put our name to, with the comfort of knowing that you are using yarn, which is produced with the utmost consideration for nature, plants and the animals wearing the gorgeous wool as well as the people working with it throughout the process.

We want to make sure that everyone using our yarn can knit and crochet teddy bears, blankets and baby clothes without any worries, knowing that they have used sustainable quality materials without harmful chemical, remnants of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

We are very proud to offer an ecological luxurious yarn, where you don’t have to compromise on quality and color to make the sustainable choice. It feels good to crochet a teddy bear for our children knowing that the yarn is ok in every way.



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